Klosse J. Wistbacka

CEO, sound guy, gaffer, colorist
Klosse has over 10 years of experience in working with sound. He manages and runs WBE:s sound division SFX Audio Post.  He also handles lighting and color grading of the companys productions.

klosse@wbe.fi | +358 (0)50 408 5489

West Bay Entertainment

Production Company

West Bay Entertainment (WBE) is a full service media house situated in Jakobstad, Finland. A real expert in cost-effective moving picture production with a highly adept and service minded staff.


Tobias Ahlgren

Director, editor, writer, vfx artist

Tobias Ahlgren is the companys main creative director. Tobias handles the conceptual work, the directorial work and the finishing touches to ensure a cool product that works.

tobias@wbe.fi | +358 (0)40 563 0122